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Last updated: July 1, 2016

Good Crib: Fisher-Price Newbury

Good Crib Review: The Fisher-Price Newbury is our pick as an affordable, basic crib made of New Zealand pine. It converts to a full-size headboard and is available in four colors (white and three shades of brown: praline, espresso and cherry).

Cribs 101

Cribs have you confused? Check out our Cribs 101, which gets you up to speed on buying a crib for your baby. You’ll learn the three golden rules of buying nursery furniture and the truth about expensive cribs (spoiler alert: the $100 cribs you see in discount stores are just as safe).

How we picked a winner

We evaluate cribs with hands on inspections, checking models for overall quality and ease of use—for example, adjusting the mattress height. We also gather significant reader feedback (our book, Baby Bargains has over 1 million copies in print), tracking cribs on quality and durability. Besides interviewing parents, we also talk with retailers of nursery furniture to see which brands are most reliable.

We’ve been rating and reviewing cribs since 1994. As part of our research, we make visits to manufacturer facilities and as well as meet with safety regulators and advocates. We also look at consumer reviews posted on sites like Babies R Us and Amazon, as well as blogs that focus on nursery furniture.

The Winner for GOOD Crib: The Fisher-Price Newbury

Fisher-Price Newbury crib

Our Pick

Fisher-Price Newbury

Made of New Zealand pine, the Fisher-Price Newbury crib converts from crib to a full-size headboard. Available in white, cherry and espresso finishes.

$149.98* at Walmart

* Prices change daily. Shop carefully.

The Fisher-Price Newbury is a simple crib for $150 with a “4-in-1” pitch—it coverts from crib to toddler bed, daybed and finally a headboard for a full-size bed. The toddler and daybed configuration requires the separate purchase of a toddler rail ($20, see below).

We should point out that even though this crib is touted as convertible, it isn’t as convertible as other brands. With more expensive cribs, you get both a headboard and footboard—therefore, you only have to get conversion rails ($100-$200) to make it into a full-size bed. For the Newbury, you have to purchase a bedframe like this one for $49.

Price-wise it is probably a wash, but with other cribs you are getting both a headboard and footboard. With the Newbury, it is just the headboard.

Here’s what the crib looks like when it is converted:

Fisher-Price Newbury crib converted

And here is what the Newbury looks like with the toddler rail (separate purchase):

Fisher-Price Newbury with toddler rail

The Newbury’s other specs are basic: the crib has a three position adjustable mattress platform, which is made of metal springs (which we prefer). Like all cribs, the Newbury requires some basic assembly—which we found to be rather straight forward.

Fisher-Price, the brand

Fisher-Price furniture is made by Bivona & Co under a license from Mattel (Fisher-Price is owned by Mattel).

Industry veteran Larry Bivona is best known for starting LaJobi (Bonavita) in the early ’90′s before selling it to Kids Brands in 2008. After parting ways with Kids Brands in 2011, Bivona launched his own eponymous company in 2013.

Bivona & Co sells cribs under different brands in a variety of price points: Fisher Price (opening price point), Ti Amo  (mid-price cribs in the $300 to $450 range) and Dolce Babi (specialty stores, more expensive).

Opening-price for cribs sold under the Fisher-Price license are $150 to $300. These cribs are available online on Amazon, Target and Walmart and in major retailers. One unique feature to some of these cribs: you can raise/lower the height of the crib by adjusting the crib feet (called Just the Right Height). FYI: Just the Right Height isn’t available on the Newbury.

There are eight styles and four finishes in this collection; most cribs convert into a full size bed headboard. Four ready-to-assemble dressers round out the collection. Bivona has expanded the finish options in Fisher Price to include a series of pastel colors.

Flaws but not deal breakers

The Fisher-Price Newbury is made of New Zealand pine—that’s what helps make it affordable. Unfortunately, pine can easily scratch and dent. That means if you lean over the crib to pick up your baby and you’re wearing a belt, the belt buckle could scratch the crib.

A couple of reviewers complained that their Newbury cribs arrived with small scratches.

FYI: While the Newbury comes in four finish colors, only Walmart has the full color spectrum. Toys R Us carries just the white and espresso versions.

There are a few accessories available for the Newbury line: a changing table, four drawer dresser or double dresser. With more expensive crib lines, you have a wider assortment of coordinating nursery furniture accessories (dressers with hutches, night stands, etc).

The Fisher-Price Newbury is made in China. We know that can be a deal breaker for some folks, but most affordably priced cribs are made in China. If you step up to Bivona’s sister brands (Ti Amo or Dolce Babi), you get cribs made in Vietnam of American poplar wood. But those cribs cost 2x to 4x more than the Fisher Price Newbury.

Also Great

IKEA Sniglar

$79.99* at Ikea

* Prices change daily. Shop carefully.

That isn’t a typo. This crib is actually under $100. No, it doesn’t convert into anything but a crib. The IKEA Sniglar is a good choice for those who want a simple crib on a tight budget.

Ikea Sniglar crib

Also recommended

Another affordable crib is IKEA’s Sniglar at just $70. Yep, less than a $100. The crib is just a crib—it doesn’t convert to a full-size bed, etc. Also: the Sniglar only has two mattress positions. Very simple, but well made.

To Sum it Up

The Fisher Price Newbury crib is a simple, basic crib at an affordable price ($150). The crib converts into a toddler bed, daybed and full-size headboard—but these uses require the purchase of a toddler rail and/or Hollywood bed frame.

Fisher-Price Newbury crib

Fisher-Price Newbury

Made of New Zealand pine, the Fisher-Price Newbury crib converts from crib to a full-size headboard. Available in white, cherry and espresso finishes.

$149.98* at Walmart

* Prices change daily. Shop carefully.